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TRoR IV (1992)


Location: Tornhøjskolen, Aalborg, Denmark
Date: 28. February - 1. March 1992

Part of: TRoA Con


A Diamond is a Girl's best Friend AD&D High Level
At smølfe en Smølf Smølf RPG
Brothers of Blood AD&D Ravenloft
Brønden AD&D Dark Sun
Conan, the Destroyer D&D Basic
De fortabte turister Twilight: 2000
Demonground Dark Conspiracy
Den spegede Affære Stormbringer
Er der en Gud? Vampire: The Masquerade - Engle fra Det Høje
Farlig mission Aliens
Fight for Survival Legends II
Flugten Nord og Syd RPG
Lord Alfred's Rescue AD&D Dragonlance
Mafia (TRoR IV) Kåre Albrectsen
Mette Finderup
Mikkel Ottosen
On the Run Kenneth Mortensen Shadowrun
Pigtråd over Prærien High Noon High Noon
Problemer på Lave Veniger - 2. del AD&D Spelljammer
Problemer på Tejnsholm Viking [dk]
Skindet bedrager Rolemaster
Spionen Star Wars
Strike Force Trylle Johs Sondrup Supermaster
The Coming of the Sand Alex Uth Call of Cthulhu
The Dead
The Return of Seth Beyond the Supernatural
The Storybook Martin Lindof All Together Now II
The Trap Heroes Unlimited


Referenced in the following articles

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Spilverdenen Page 17 Nr. 13 (April 1992) SAGA [dk]

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