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Beyond the Supernatural


Beyond the supernatural (BSK 1989) P. Thyrén
Borås Spelkonvent 7: Semper Melior (1989)
Beyond The Supernatural (Chop Con '95) Martin Oddershede
Chop Con (1995)
Beyond the Supernatural (TRoA 90) Sven Schiøtte Strandbygaard
TRoA-Con 90, intern (1990)
Den Sidste Olie Armageddon II - Aftermath (1991)
Død mand taler ikke ... Michael Paulsen
Pentacon (1993)
TRoA VIII (1994)
Firmaudflugten The Realms of Roleplay II (1991)
Snow White The Realms of Roleplay III (1991)
Snow White II TRoA-Con 91, intern (1991)
The Return of Seth TRoR IV (1992)
Tusmørke Symfonier Armageddon III - Føniks (1992)

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