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TRoA-Con 91, intern (1991)

TRoA-Con 91, intern

Location: Tornhøjskolen, Aalborg, Denmark
Date: 15. - 17. November 1991

Part of: TRoA Con

About the convention:

Ansvarlig: Martin Laursen
Kantinechef: Jan Madsen


A long way from home D&D Basic Hollow World
And the Dead shall rise AD&D Ravenloft
Bad Moon Rising Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
Bigrds Skjold Viking [dk]
Draco's Helte Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay
Evil Dead Comes to Aalborg Evil Dead
Karag Sniee Maunor's Amulet MERP
Live (TRoA 91) LARP All Together Now
New Legends Metal Legends
On the Run Kenneth Mortensen Shadowrun
Problemer på Lave Veniger AD&D Spelljammer
Renaissance of a Vampire Hanne Benedikte Zehmann Ziegler Vampire: The Masquerade
Snow White II Beyond the Supernatural
Så smølfer vi SmølfQuest
The Alien Ship Aliens
The Assignment Star Wars
The Beginners Guide of how to destroy a Book Evil Dead
The Dagon Club Niki Nicolas Grigoriou Call of Cthulhu
Troldmandens Lærling Rolemaster
Ulvevinter (Viking-Con 10) Peter Frost AD&D


Ansvarlig Martin Lindof
Kantinechef Jan Madsen
Kontaktperson Søren Parbæk

Referenced in the following articles

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Klubnyt Page 34 Nr. 10 SAGA [dk]

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