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Aliens 4

RPG system: Aliens
Participants: 2 GMs, 14 players


✏️Ricky Simonsen
✏️Morten Zinck


Mission orders - Eyes only for colonial marines Strike Team E3-172-1C1
Mission summary: Recoinaissance/Rescue
Site involved: Agricultural maufacturing site, "Genesis"
System/Planet: LV 683, "Deadend"

Mission Definition:
A distress signal has recently been recieved form the agricultural manufacturing on on LV 683, and from that moment on, contact was lost with the system. The corporatin involved (Wayland - Yutani) has requested assistance of the above mentioned strike team. All files from Wayland - Yutani regarding the mission has been classified, and have been placed off-limits for the Colonial Marinecorps.
The corporation involved has supplied the Corps with information regarding the site. The only information gathered by Corp intelligence, indicates that Hyperdyne might be involved in some sort of sabotage at LV 683.
This information have been gathered form Wayland - Yutani rumors, and therefore should not be considered facts. Your strike team is directed to the manufacturing site to investigate it, and determine the reason for the distress signal.
Futher action is at the discretion of the commanding officer.
Priorities are as follows:
- Determine condition of manufacturing site.
- Take steps to protect the facilities.
- Rescue scientists.
- Investigate the possibility of Hyperdyne involvement.
Though the problems on LV 683 are most likely of a technical matter, we have reasons to believe that Wayland - Yutani is withholding crucial information regarding the system, and therefore you must approach the mission with caution.
Good luck.

Played at

TRoA XI (1996)


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