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Viking-Con 10 (1991)

Viking-Con 10

Location: Tårnby Gymnasium, Denmark
Date: 11. - 13. October 1991

Part of: Viking-Con

About the convention:

Entré: 40 kr. pr dag, 80 kr. for hele weekenden.

Helcon: En Garde! og Mafia.


PDF Folder [Danish] (12.4 MB)


AD&D I (VC10) AD&D
AD&D Maztica Thomas Raae Andersen AD&D
Cthulhu 1889: The Mystery of the Canal Sebastian Adlercreutz
Tobias Agensø
Call of Cthulhu 1889
En Garde! Annemette Wolff
Fantasy Hero (VC10) Simon Magid Fantasy Hero
Gozers Hævn Sven Münther 2300 AD
GURPS Fantasy (VC10) Jens Henrik Kruuse GURPS Fantasy
💾 Klokmand vender tilbage Flemming R. P. Rasch Champions
Klædt til mord Henrik Bisgaard
Bettina Stuhr Kaltoft
Bo Kaltoft
Basic Roleplaying
Lots of Space IV Tommy Jensen GURPS Space
Mafia (Viking-Con 10) Malik Hyltoft Mafia
Rolemaster (VC10) Søren Gravgaard Rolemaster
Shadowrun (VC10) Robin Steen Shadowrun
Toon (VC10) Hans Jacob Wagner Toon
Ulvevinter (Viking-Con 10) Peter Frost AD&D
💾 Various Alien Mysteries ... Thomas Magle Brodersen
André Just Vedgren
Warhammer FRPG (VC10) Thomas Pors Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Board games:

Midas - Det store spil Kim Chr. Madsen
Erik Wittchen
Terning Point Europa Henrik Lawætz


Arrangør Erik Swiatek
Arrangør Børge Zinck-Madsen
Arrangør & informationschef Martin Bernth Johannesson
Auktionsansvarlig Jesper Voss Jacobsen

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