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Con 92 (1992)

Con 92

(AKA: Pentacon III)

Location: Enggårdskolen, Billund
Date: 13. - 15. October 1992

Part of: Pentacon

About the convention:

Arrangeret af Billund Rollespilsforening.

Alternative spil på con'en:
"Drager og gåder"
"Folketinget (En form for live)"


PDF Program (8,7 MB)
PDF Tilmeldingsseddel (0,9 MB)

The program is available for download but we haven't typed in all of the presentations of the games yet. We could use your help - if you want to help us by transcribing presentations from the program into the database please contact us.


Arven Søren Jepsen Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
Challenge of the Tombs Claus Staal AD&D
Darkness Claus Staal AD&D
Den blå lykkesten Kåre L. Jensen AD&D
Gladiatorerne Michael Paulsen Basic Roleplaying
Into the Abyss I Michael Eklund Call of Cthulhu
Into the Abyss II Michael Eklund Call of Cthulhu Now
Jagten på Satruss Hans Peter Koch War of the Planes
Mødet med... Michael Paulsen Basic Roleplaying
Quest of the Holy Mace Claus Staal AD&D
Ringen af Baldonia Michael Paulsen Basic Roleplaying
Save the Emperor Kristian Jensen Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay
Skibet er ladet med primadonnanykker Hans Skovfoged Shadowrun
Titanic Kim Hyldgård Call of Cthulhu
Vandringsmanden Allan Joe Broch Rolemaster
War! Niels Stender GURPS
Øjmer Claus Møller MERP

Board games:

De Gyldne Sværd


Informations koordinator Hans Peter Koch
Praktisk koordinator Michael Paulsen
Økonomisk koordinator Søren Jepsen

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