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1244: The Fall of Montsegur Frederik J. Jensen Fastaval (2013)
💾 De helliges by Mikkel Bækgaard Fastaval - Atlantis (1999)
💾 Deo Gratias Frederik Berg Fastaval - Atlantis (1999)
En ny situation Asger Krogh Kjær ESFROAG (2011)
Gods – a Game of Righteous Smiting Mads Brynnum Fastaval (2012)
💾 Heaven Over the Castro Countess Dillymore Fastaval - Otto i Eventyrland (2018)
💾 Imperiet Anders Frost Bertelsen
Claus Kliplev Jacobsen
Frederik J. Jensen
Johannes Busted Vestergaard
Kristoffer Rudkjær
Lars Kaos Andresen
Martin Svendsen
Morten Greis Petersen Fakkelskov
Olle Jonsson
René Toft
Thais Laursen Munk
Fastaval (2009)
Montsegur 1244 Frederik J. Jensen Fastaval (2008)
Opus Dei Allan Schaufuss Laursen
Mark Rees-Andersen
Viking-Con 29 (2010)
Swinevik 3: Niddingsdåd ved midvinter Skjold
💾 This Miracle Lizzie Stark
Nick Fortugno
Fastaval - Dia de los Fastos (2015)

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