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Otto Plantener Jensen


Designer WARLOCK_
Designer Monster Munch Fastaval - Dia de los Fastos (2015)
Designer Antasia Fastaval - Otto i Eventyrland (2018)
Designer Tricktropolis PapJam Scratch (2018)
💾 Designer Dice Village PapJam Scratch (2019)
Designer Free Running Marseille Fastaval - Solarpunk (2021)
Designer Coffee Break Papjam Scratch (2021)
💾 Designer Sold Out Fastaval - Føniks' genopstandelse (2022)


Fastaval - Otto i Eventyrland (2018)

Antasia: Winner, Bedste Innovation [+]

PapJam Scratch (2018)

Tricktropolis: Winner, Players Award

Papjam Scratch (2021)

Coffee Break: Nominated, Best game (by participant voting) (Third)

Fastaval - Føniks' genopstandelse (2022)

Sold Out: Nominated, Bedste Formidlede Brætspil [+]

Organizer roles

PapJam Scratch (2018) Arrangør
PapJam Scratch (2019) Arrangør
PapJam Scratch (2020) Arrangør
Papjam Scratch (2021) Arrangør


Colophon Illustrator Nr. 8 (August 1987) Monokeros
It's A Kind of Magic Item-melig høj grad Page 4 Nr. 8 (August 1987) Monokeros
Colophon Illustrator Nr. 9 (Oktober 1987) Monokeros
Warlock_ Skribent Page 22 Nr. 9 (Oktober 1987) Monokeros
Fri fantasi Skribent Page 4 Nr. 15 (Marts 1989) Erebor Nyhedsbrev
Colophon Illustrator Nr. 11 (Maj 1989) Monokeros
Forside Illustrator Page 1 Nr. 11 (Maj 1989) Monokeros

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