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1920'erne 🗺️

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💾 Chiaroscuro Mikkel Bækgaard Fastaval (2004)
💾 Den sovande staden Jonas Frizell
Magnus Alm
Borås Spelkonvent 17 (1999)
Dream Phone of Cthulhu Caitlin Russell
Dustin Freeman
Golden Cobra Challenge (2020)
💾 Flammernes bytte Frederik J. Jensen
Horror on the Orient Express Jeremy Rønnevig ARCON 31: Superhelter og superskurker (2015)
Recovering the Black Saber Cliff Bohm Intercon XIII (1998)
💾 Requiem aeternam Fredrik Engström
Jonas Frizell
Magnus Alm
Borås Spelkonvent 21: Novos Ordo Seclorum (2003)
💾 Something Rotten in the State of Denmark Bo Hasle Buur
Casper Angelo
Christian Preuss
Michael “JJ” Jørgen Jørgensen
Rasmus Bartholdy Jensen
Vor Frelsers Con (1992)
Sunkissed Affairs
Tegnet Michael Sommer Viking-Con 9 (1990)
Thicker than Water Alison Joy Schafer
Kristen McFadyen Patten
Intercon R (2018)

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