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💾 Nazi Zombies of World War One Troels Ken Pedersen Fastaval (2014)
Odense Zombie Live Gert Hansen
Jens-Peter Nielsen
Odense Zombie Live 2 Gert Hansen
Jens-Peter Nielsen
Odense Zombie Live 3 Gert Hansen
Jens-Peter Nielsen
Sammenholdet Adam Fridal Illemann Chop Con (1997)
💾 Tropical Zombies Henrik Sylow
Merlin P. Mann
Fastaval (1990)
Zombie Apocalypse Jesper Schnipper Viking-Con 30 (2011)
Zombie Horror (FE Con 1) Henrik Fomsgaard Fenris Efterårs Con (2011)
Zombie Live   Lyng Con (2014)
Zombie Scenarie Christoffer Deleuran
Frederik Rasmussen
Lyng Con (2018)
Zombie Studios Present: Immortal Animalis Steen Stanley Olsen Chop Con - The Evolution (2001)
Zombie-live Peter Bengtsen
Søren Bengtsen
Claustrum Con III (1998)
💾 Zombies DK René Toft Fastaval 007 (2007)
Zombieturister fra helvede Mikkel Busch Orf (2004)
Zombieval Kristoffer Rudkjær
Mads Brynnum
Fastaval (2012)
Zudden Zombie Fanny Schröder
Ivajlo Holm-Jensen
Con2 - Jeg Con, Jeg Så, Jeg Sejrede! (2019)

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