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Stockholm Scenario Festival (2019)

Location: Långholmens Folkhögskola, Stockholm, Sweden 🗺️
Date: 15. - 17. November 2019

Part of: Stockholm Scenario Festival

About the convention:

Stockholm Scenario Festival celebrates short free form role-playing games, short larps and other kinds of shorter participatory storytelling. They gather for a weekend to play and improvise different stories together.

Their mission statement is to develop a Swedish freeform scene with high quality games and cutting edge storytelling. Their two main strategies to accomplish this are to establish a gamewright community in Sweden and constantly monitoring the best of the best of the international scenes, primarily the Scandinavian. The festival is therefore a mix of handpicked scenarios from the international scene and newly written material.


💾 2028 Katrine Wind
💾 A Wedding in Överum Jenny Fornell Hjelm
Eva Meunier
AI-Seance Josephine Rydberg
💾 Beautiful Dreamer Niklas Disefalk
Conversation Per Wetterstrand
💾 Down to the River Fredrik Axelzon
Jonas Hörberg
💾 Finishing the Bottle Nicolai Strøm Steffensen
💾 Ghosts Troels Barkholt-Spangsbo
Martin Qwist
Blackbox LARP
Hug him and die Erland Nylund
Last Days of Hadley’s Hope ALIEN: The Roleplaying Game
My name is Harmony Gustav Edman
Alexandra Appleby Hjortswang
💾 Night Terror Jesper Heebøll Arbjørn Blackbox LARP
💾 Now I feel closer to you Adam James
Karolina Staël
💾 Summer Lovin’ Trine Lise Lindahl
Elin Nilsen
Anna Westerling
💾 The Charcoal Devil Mikkel Bækgaard
💾 The Girlfriends Elin Gissén
Rosalind Göthberg
💾 The Last Thing to Die Susanne Gräslund
Anders Hultman
💾 The Wondrous Tina Heebøll Arbjørn
Nina Runa Essendrop
To the Bitter End Bjarke Pedersen
Lizzie Stark
To the Wonder Karete Jacobsen Meland
Martin Nielsen
Blackbox LARP
💾 You Were Always On My Mind Fia Idegård



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