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Intercon C (2003)

Location: Chelmsford, Massachusetts, United States
Date: 28. February - 2. March 2003

Part of: Intercon


A Good Day to Die John Kammer LARP
And the Symphony Played On Naomi Wixon LARP
Brawl at the Broken Nose Tavern Catherine Preble LARP
Carpathian Night Juhani "Jussi" Eronen LARP
Colonel Sebastian T. Rawhide's Circus of the Spectacular Mike Young LARP
Death by Deatheast: Apocalypse Tonight? Chris Buck LARP
Funkanomicon Philip B "Sir Noze" Tan LARP
Future's Hope Suzanne Miller
Drew Novick
Jeannie C. Whited
Geraldine's Birthday Party Margaret E. Landreth LARP
Grimm Tales Will Wagner LARP
Guard Up Workshop: Live Combat Workshop Meghan Gardner LARP
Her Majesty's Parlour Adventurers Present An Evening of Indian Intrigue Beth Kelly
Alex Newman
House on the Hill AJ Smith
Brian Williams
Humans vs. Monsters: Diplomacy Mike Young LARP
It Sucks to Be You Eric K. Smith LARP
Liberty and the Price of Tea Jeremiah Genest LARP
Malcor Simon Deveau LARP
Nap Time Don Ross LARP
NERO Ravenholt: Isle of Desolation Rachel Morris LARP
Panel — the LARP Mark Waks LARP
Prawn Mike Young LARP
Saturday Morning Massacre Alex Bradley LARP
Symposium Paul S. Dwyer LARP
The Chelmsford Incident Gregory Agostini LARP
The Immortal Country Heather M. Jones LARP
The Original 1903 LARP — "An Evening With Clarence" Gordon Olmstead-Dean LARP
The Prince's Diamond Jubilee Dean Edgell LARP
The School for Young Women Specializing in the Arts of Grace and Maidenly Submission Don Ross
Kreg Segall
Eric Wirtanen
Those Who Serve Andy Kirschbaum LARP
Underdog's Tavern Jim MacDougal
Kelly Diane MacDougal
Welcome to Scearbridge: A Unique College Experience Susan Weiner LARP
You'll Be Safe Here Jacqui Antonelli
Jeff Diewald
Susan Giusto
[…]Tim Lasko
Barry Tannenbaum
Zombies on Ice I: We Came Back from Dead Man's Curve Ben Llewellyn LARP


Con Chair Michael McAfee


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