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And the Symphony Played On

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 18-20 players


✏️Naomi Wixon


The forces of Hell are gaining an edge by giving humanity technology that it is not ready for, advancing the arsenals of terrorists and allowing them to turn religion against religion. The archangel of technology does not want to step in and give humanity more technology to counter the demonic influence, starting a Celestial arms race on Earth; however, it may be the only way to defend against the growing threat.

Meanwhile, some of the archangels have taken to a religion, and instead of blaming Lucifer for the conflict, are blaming the other side. Of these archangels, most believe that Christianity is the only way, and that perhaps it is time to get humanity more attuned to God for once and for all.

God has remained silent, however, worrying some and motivating others to take action. Yves, the Metatron, has called the archangels together to decide what actions should be taken on these issues. But what can be done by the archangels if God remains silent, especially with such conflict in Heaven?

Played at

Intercon C (2003)

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