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Geraldine's Birthday Party

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 15-20 players


✏️Margaret E. Landreth


You are invited to Geraldine's Birthday Party!

Welcome to the Brickshaw Estate, home of one of New York Society's most wealthy, respected and prominent families. Let me take your coat, the festivities will be taking place on the back lawn.

The year is 1965, and the country is in the throws of political and social change. Communism, civil rights, presidential assassinations and war are on the lips of every American. Today, however, local society is in the spotlight. Retired Senator Harold Brickshaw is throwing an 80th birthday party for his mother Geraldine, famous writer of the 1920s, and he has invited the entire Brickshaw family, close friends, and select members of the media to cover the well-publicized event.

Geraldine will not be the only focus of attention at this party. Marty Brickshaw, Harold's son, is a strong contender in the race for the US Senate. For weeks now, the media has been closely following Marty and his Democrat opponent. The race is close, and the media is looking forward to showing voters a more personal family side of the charismatic Republican candidate.

Geraldine's Birthday party is a LARP written for the intensive role-playing player. If you like getting into character and delving into a snapshot of history and social circumstance, this is the game for you. Characterization and social interaction are the focus of this game, and we encourage all who want to get into character!

While the setting in this game is historical, the characters and in-game events are not. Players are not, in any way, required to be history experts to play, but we do encourage you to brush up on your 1960s current events and bring as much into in-game conversation as you like. Relevant web links will be provided!

Played at

Intercon C (2003)

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