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Kreg Segall


✏️ Etherlines II: Sometime Later That Day Intercon XV (2000)
✏️ House Meeting! Intercon A (2001)
✏️ Shut Up and Play Your Guitar Intercon B (2002)
✏️ The School for Young Women Specializing in the Arts of Grace and Maidenly Submission Intercon C (2003)
✏️ Hell to Pay Intercon E (2005)
✏️ 'Tis No Deceit To Deceive the Deceiver Intercon F (2006)
✏️ Intercon.gz Intercon G (2007)
✏️ Orgia ad Domus Lomaximus Intercon G (2007)
✏️ Sassy Pirate Wenches on the Island of Stern Viking Jarls Intercon H (2008)
✏️ Story Wars: Episode Six - Return of the Princess Bride Intercon I (2009)
✏️ Interesting Times Intercon K (2011)
✏️ Orgia Domi Lomaximus Intercon L (2012)
Organizer FOCUS Intercon U (2023)

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