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Will Wagner


✏️ Garwyn's Tavern Intercon B (2002)
✏️ Grimm Tales Intercon C (2003)
✏️ Generation Gap Intercon D (2004)
✏️ A House Divided Intercon E (2005)
✏️ Casino Xeno Intercon E (2005)
✏️ Grimmer Tales: Arabian Nights Intercon F (2006)
✏️ Brother Ezekiel's Tent Revival Intercon H (2008)
✏️ Grimmer Tales: Jungle Book Intercon J (2010)
✏️ Grimm Tales: The Immortal Jade Court Intercon K (2011)
✏️ Unhallowed Metropolis: Parliament of Ghouls Intercon L (2012)
✏️ Grimm Tales: Coyote's Tail Intercon M (2013)
✏️ The Monster's Ball Intercon M (2013)
✏️ A Flag of Bones Intercon O (2015)
✏️ Grimm Tales: Here Be Monsters Intercon O (2015)
✏️ Another Flag of Bones Intercon P (2016)
✏️ The Men of Mars Intercon P (2016)

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