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A House Divided

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 12-15 players, Male characters: 0, Female characters: 0-3, Characters that are not strictly defined as male or female: 12

Organized by

Turtle Shell Productions


✏️Andy Kirschbaum
✏️Will Wagner


**A House Divided** by Turtle Shell Productions

All alone, deep in space, on a experimental scout probe. Tensions run high as paranoia and claustrophobia battle with egos to drive the crew to the breaking point. The Captain is due to retire a hero and wants no part of anything risky. The First Officer is paranoid and insists there are aliens hunting the ship – despite all evidence to the contrary. The Engineer never wanted to be on this mission at all and claims the ship is a death trap. No one trusts the Security Officer who seems to be spying on everyone. And you … you just want to follow orders and survive. But who’s orders will you follow?

Things started going wrong a few months out. Communications with Earth have been lost. The Captain and the First Officer haven’t exchanged a civil word in weeks. The sensor readings make no sense, and the Science Officer is just mumbling to himself. Everyone is getting sick, but the Medical Officer insists nothing is wrong. And why does the Captain hold so many private meetings with the Cook?

Experience an intense 4 hour LARP that pushes the boundaries between suspense, horror and science fiction.

Played at

Intercon E (2005)

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