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A Flag of Bones

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 3-6 players, Male characters: 1-3, Female characters: 2-3

Organized by

Turtle Shell Productions


✏️Will Wagner


A Flag of Bones: a game of pirates, a game of murder and intrigue

The place? The Royal Anchor in Port Royal (Caribbean) The time? The time of pirates What's going on? Bethany of the Silver Sabre has called a meeting of the lesser pirate council (as is her right, since she is the daughter of the current leader of the greater council.)

Someone has stolen her silver sabre, tried to kill her, and successfully killed her brother, Thomas Goldbeard! She has called for all members of the lesser council who are present in Port Royal to attend so it can be discovered who is the vile, mangy dog who made off with her saber (oh yeah, and killed her brother.)

This game is intended to be relatively light-hearted and although murder has been done (and may be done again) the violence is intended to be "cartoony" not realistic. The game was written for kids, ages 7-15 and content is appropriate for that age group. (Younger or older kids may be accepted, at the discretion of the GM (contact me to discuss). Parents can be cast, if necessary)

Played at

Intercon O (2015)

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