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Mutants & Masterminds

Mutants & Masterminds


A Blast from the Past! Conor Burke
Gaelcon (2007)
Batmen of the Future: Stray Cat Strut Micheal Calnan
Gaelcon (2012)
Community Service Paul Anthony Shortt
Vaticon X.5 (2004)
Con Season Ropecon (2018)
Countdown Micheal Calnan
Gaelcon (2009)
Hjältar Sökes Påskcon IX (2023)
Let 'Em All Come:A Golden Age Superhero RPG Anthony O'Reilly
ConFESS (2008)
💾 London Crawling Stefan Skriver Lægteskov
Kristian Bach Petersen
Vintersol (2010)
💾 London Crawling 2 Kristian Bach Petersen
Vintersol (2011)
Operation: Falling Down Matty McMahon
Gaelcon (2011)
Operation: Overthrow Olympus Matty McMahon
Gaelcon (2010)
💾 Superheroes 2 Kristoffer Apollo
Sebastian Flamant
Fastaval (2006)
Orkon X - Sidste omgang (2006)
Viking-Con 25 (2006)
💾 Superheroes 3 Kristoffer Apollo
Sebastian Flamant
Fastaval 007 (2007)
Viking-Con 26 (2007)
Fastaval (2008)
💾 Superheroes™ Kristoffer Apollo
Sebastian Flamant
Fastaval (2005)
Orkon (2005)
Viking-Con 24 (2005)
Vintersol (2011)
The Battle of the Super Friends! OrCCon (2022)
They Fight Crime Brian Nisbet
Warpcon XXII (2012)
💾 Transformers: Construction and Devestation Shane Carr
ConFESS (2008)
Working for the Man Kieran Turley
Itzacon I (2005)


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