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Johannes Følsgaard


Designer 28 Minutes Later Nordic Game Jam (2011)
Designer Horizon of Thunder Guldbrikken/SpilBar16 (2013)
Designer Slapstone Nordic Game Jam (2014)
Designer Reality
Designer Pax Solaris
Designer Take tHat PapJam (2017)
Designer A bad day in space PapJam Scratch (2018)
💾 Designer Punk never dies PapJam Scratch (2018)
💾 Designer Cumulus Fastaval - Otto Under the Sea (2019)
Designer Break Even Papjam Scratch (2021)
Designer Autumn Leaves Aarhus Brætspilsfestival '23 (2023)
Designer Farm Time PapJam Scratch (2023)
Designer Heart Vault Stock Market Malmö Protospiel 2023 (2023)
Designer Age of Antpires Fastaval - Otto & jagten på den gyldne pingvin (2024)


Nordic Game Jam (2011)

28 Minutes Later: Winner, Audience Award

PapJam (2017)

Take tHat: Winner, Best Board Game (by participant voting) (Tie)

Papjam Scratch (2021)

Break Even: Winner, Best Board Game (by participant voting)

Fastaval - Otto & jagten på den gyldne pingvin (2024)

Age of Antpires: Nominated, Bedst Formidlede Brætspil
The game is nominated for a strong central theme and a few guiding stars that pave a road of order through the chaos of the fast-paced, real-time gameplay.
Shouting ‘the Queen is dead!’ into a ravaged battlefield and watching tense faces relax is always satisfying, and the Rules of Honor make sure that when things go wrong- as they always do when slinging cubes into and out of battle- you’re never in doubt about who needs to do what and where the game is heading.
The rules are quick and easy to teach, but have new depths to find in the various Special Features involved, and leave you wanting to play it again after finishing a game- though perhaps after catching your breath with a cup of chamomile tea and a blanket beforehand.
Age of Antpires: Nominated, Bedste brætspil
The game is nominated for a harmonious design that gets players into tense fights to the death, rolling dice with ever-increasing speed.
Age of Antpires is an hour-long war for territory, eggs, and- sometimes- wonderful wonderful sausages. It gets the adrenaline pumping, the cubes flying and the ants dying with remarkable efficiency, being easy to teach and easier to get invested in.
The game fits its hour-long game time like a glove, leaving you in a daze wondering where the time went. As the stakes increase and the Special Features complicate the game state bit by bit, the whole thing resolves into a marvellous final round where all bets are off and no ant is safe.

Organizer roles

PapJam Scratch (2023) Organizer

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