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Punk never dies

Front page for Punk never dies

Participants: 3-5 players


DesignerJohannes Følsgaard
DesignerLars Wagner Hansen
DesignerJakob Israelsen
DesignerKasper Lapp
DesignerMarina May Schwifty


You are an upcoming punk band, trying to get famous. After each concert you will split the loot; groupies, drugs, instruments, clothes, drinks, or (god forbid) money. Whenever you have enough of a certain type of loot, you cash it in for fame, and hopefully you will all be famous before somebody get tempted by the cash and sell out for the easy life in the suburbs.

A semi-cooperative game for 3-5 wannabe punks.

Playing time: 15 minutes

Played at

PapJam Scratch (2018)
Aarhus Brætspilsfestival (2020)

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