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Dragonmeet (2022)


Sted: Novotel Hammersmith, London, Storbritannia 🗺️
Dato: 3. desember 2022

Del av: Dragonmeet

Om kongressen:

Hello Everyone

Back for another year, and once again, it’s the biggest Dragonmeet that we’ve ever seen. We’re now using every room that the Novotel has, including the ones in the Lobby, where the Bring and Buy and the Tournaments are being held. We’ve got more than a hundred traders appearing this year, three seminar tracks, the board games library, and of course, the charity auction in the evening. We’ve talked before about moving on from the Novotel, and we’re now in discussion with both Olympia and Excel about where we go after this, but there’s going to be a feedback session after the trade halls close where we’ll be listening to everyone’s thoughts and adding them in to the work we’re doing for next year. This will be held in the Bourg on the mezzanine level at 18:30, just before the Charity Auction.

Have an excellent time, and let us know how we can make it better.

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PDF Programme [engelsk] (5,6 MB)


A Covenant of Salt Daniel Clements Call of Cthulhu
A Family Feud John Heatherington Call of Cthulhu
A Fistful of Gold Brick Ingle D&D 5th Edition
A Million To One, They Said… Marcus Rowland Diana: Warrior Princess
Adventures in Ubersreik   Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition
An Unctuous Brew Ian Reichert Call of Cthulhu
Babylon 5: A Christmas Story Alex Schneider The Babylon Project RPG
Bite Me Rhianna Webb ACE!
Blade Runner (Dragonmeet 2022) Paul March
Bounty Hunter: The Reality Show Andrew Moreton Star Wars
Breaking the Bank Phil Dicemechanic Spectaculars
Children of the Night John Wilson Mutant Crawl Classics
Claus For Concern Kyle Davies D&D 5th Edition
Cold Warning Ben Naylor Call of Cthulhu
Curse of the Hammersmith Ghost Darran Sims Vaesen
Dark Carnival Robert Yates Call of Cthulhu
Dig Three Grave Bruce C. Dungeon Crawl Classics
Dissociation John Coffield Call of Cthulhu
Embassy of the Inconstant Moon Ed Hathaway Numenéra
Escape from the planet of Dr Moreau Rhiannon Swann-Price Action Potential (Forged in the Dark)
Fever Swamp Revengeance Andrew Walter D&D 1st Edition
Harvest Queen Andrew Moreton RuneQuest
Hold back the Horde Tyrone Queensborough D&D 5th Edition
Honey Heist Grant Howitt
Jessica Perez
Honey Heist
Horror in the Hebrides Stuart Fieldhouse Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition
Jolly Jubilee Jaunt Simon Barns Warpstar!
Loose Threads Benjamin R Smith RuneQuest Roleplaying in Glorantha
M is for Mother Jim Heru Bots & Pieces
Magic Mayhem Nattasha Davies D&D 5th Edition
Mater Tenebrarum Andy Brick The Dee Sanction
Meet the new Witch John Wilson Golden Sky Stories
Mercy on the Day of the Eel Bruce C. Dungeon Crawl Classics
Night of the Living Dredd Stephen Mooney Judge Dredd and the Worlds of 2000AD
Night Visions Martin Wright Call of Cthulhu Delta Green
Not all who wander are lost James Semple The One Ring 2nd Edition
One Night in Stillshore Luke Rowett D&D 5th Edition
Poetry Slam Ian Sandford Call of Cthulhu
Raiders of the Lost Ship (RPH) Evan Aviram Savage Worlds
Rise of the Plague Queen Dan Marriott D&D 5th Edition
Salvage Union Panny Lines Quest
Snow Dwarf and the Seven Wights Matthew Leggat D&D 5th Edition
Star Wars – Return to Tatooine Dicey Dave Powered by the Apocalypse
Terminator Craig Atkins The S5S System
Terror at Apsis Stoo Goff Aegean
The Arclord Who Never Was Michael Bramnik
Dave Harrison
Pathfinder 2nd Edition
The Balance Blade David Gallico Dungeon Crawl Classics
The Belly of the Beast Jim McCarthy Never Going Home
The Cloque Hous Matt Murtagh The Eldritch Hack
The Dread Lords Talisman    Rob Whitford D&D 5th Edition
The Forgotten Isle Jeremy Halse D&D 5th Edition
The Great Gift Giver Ben O’Keefe D&D 5th Edition
The Hampstead Group Chris O’Regan Vaesen
The Hive is Alive Kevin Doswell Savage Worlds Adventure Edition
The King under the Forest Simon Barns Chivalry and Sorcery 5th
The Lost Labs of Oxar David Smith Level UP A5E
The Perfect Organism Warren Davidson ALIEN: The Roleplaying Game
The Ruins of St Clwyd’s Harry Piper Cairn
The Thirteenth Skull David Gallico Dungeon Crawl Classics
There’s something in the Trees Kit Durant D&D 5th Edition
Those that Fight Alone Darran Sims Vaesen
Villains and Vigilantes (Dragonmeet 2022) Paul Ringrose Villains and Vigilantes
Volzov Hellbreathers Day Off Robin Talibart D&D 5th Edition


Chris Birch
John Dodd

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