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Alexandria is an online library for role-playing games, board games, LARPs and the connected scene, primarily in Denmark and other Nordic countries. The library contains information for more than 16,000 scenarios, 700 board games, 8,000 persons and 2,000 gaming conventions. The project has existed since 2003.

Alexandria's purpose is to preserve information about the history of the gaming scene and communities. Furthermore Alexandria stores scenarios for every author who wants to share their scenarios. With the consent of the authors we currently have more than 2,000 scenarios available for immediate download.

Alexandria's data is gathered from public sources, dusty old programmes, role-players with exceptional memory as well as support and help from a huge amount of volunteers. We are not perfect - we might have a few errors and missing information, and we depend on the collective memory from the community - you can also help us with corrections.

Scenarios for download may be run under private circumstances. If you want to run the scenario at a convention or for commercial purposes and the scenario lacks information about this kind of usage you must contact the author for permission.

As a collective work Alexandria is legally protected by Danish Copyright Act ("Ophavsretsloven") § 71 regarding indexes and databases.

Alexandria has been created by Peter Brodersen who also is responsible for the daily operation and development. Furthermore a team of editors helps with the continuing information gathering and data entry.

Alexandria is a non-commercial project, launched as a private initiative. We are not an organization and we haven't asked for or received any financial support.

You can download the content of Alexandria (updated daily) for offline usage. Developers can retrieve all the content as a JSON export as well as the code for the web site.

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Timeline of Alexandria

March 1, 2003:
Alexandria is launched. The site contains information for about 2,000 scenarios and 1,000 persons at the launch date

June, 2003:
Alexandria is accused of violating the Danish Trademark Act by Dansk Varefakta Nævn as a scenario uses the trademarked term Varefakta. As Alexandria is a non-commercial project the act does not apply in this case and Dansk Varefakta Nævn chooses not to pursue the case.

April, 2004:
Peter Brodersen is the recipient of Fastaval's honorary award, Æresottoen, partially for creating Alexandria.

May, 2006:
The website now features syndication of RSS feeds, calender, login and a download feature for role-playing scenarios. 175 scenarios and a bunch of convention programmes are available for download at this point.

August, 2006:
Alexandria exceeds 3,000 scenarios.

January, 2015:
Alexandria recruits volunteer editors. This speeds up the updates.

March, 2015:
Alexandria exceeds 4,000 scenarios.

May, 2015:
Board games designed for conventions are also registered.

September, 2017:
Peter Brodersen is awarded with the Annual Applause at the Danish national gaming association Bifrost's convention Forum.

March, 2015:
Alexandria exceeds 5,000 scenarios.

May, 2019:
The website is translated to Danish, English, Swedish, Norwegian and German.

June, 2019:
A series of convents outsite of Denmark is entered, marking a more international focus.

July, 2019:
Alexandria exceeds 6,000 scenarios.

December, 2019:
Alexandria exceeds 7,000 scenarios.

May, 2020:
The Facebook group Friends of Alexandria launches. This quickly turns out to be a meeting place for a large amount of veteran role-playing authors, mainly from the Swedish role-playing community.

June, 2020:
Alexandria exceeds 8,000 scenarios.

July, 2020:
The code for the web site is released. It is also possible for developers to export all of Alexandria's content.

March, 2021:
You can download the content of Alexandria for offline usage. Alexandria exceeds 9,000 scenarios.

June, 2021:
Articles in magazines, newsletters, etc. are registrered as well. From the beginning more than 1,000 articles have been registered spanning a bunch of magazines.

October, 2021:
Alexandria exceeds 10,000 scenarios.

January, 2022:
Alexandria exceeds 11,000 scenarios.

August, 2022:
Alexandria exceeds 12,000 scenarios.

January, 2023:
Alexandria exceeds 13,000 scenarios.

May, 2023:
Alexandria exceeds 14,000 scenarios.

June, 2023:
Alexandria exceeds 15,000 scenarios.

July, 2023:
Alexandria exceeds 16,000 scenarios.