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Savage Worlds

Savage Worlds


Adventura Perpeptua Graham Turner
Gaelcon (2004)
After Dark Paul Anthony Shortt
Gaelcon (2006)
Athena’s Have Magnus Nygaard
Viking-Con 28 (2009)
Avast, Ye Scurvy Dogs! Andrew Tripp
GuardianCON XIX (2021)
Brawl In Brazil Magnus Nygaard
Viking-Con 29 (2010)
Chase the White Dragon Baz Nugent
LepreCon XL (2019)
Daring tales of the Space Lanes: last journey of the Exodus AireCon 7 (2022)
Degenesis: Primal Punk GothCon XXXVII (2013)
💾 Det Sidste Håb Thomas Jakobsen
Viking-Con 25 (2006)
Devastation Section Cian O'Sullivan
Itzacon X - Lost in time (2014)
Djævelens Advokater Peter Brodersen
Fastaval 007 (2007)
Eye say, you’ve gotta Hand it to Vecna! Continuum (2022)
Glorious B*******; The Tartarus Key Cathal Murphy
Gaelcon (2014)
Go, Go Team Unscrupulous Feargal Keenan
Gaelcon (2010)
Gold & Glory ARCON 39: Drakar och demoner (2023)
Happiest Place on Post Apocalyptic Earth Gaelcon (2015)
Hellpiercer Continuum (2022)
💾 Helvedes forgård Thomas Jakobsen
Viking-Con 34 (2015)
Journey to the Centre of the Earth Graham Turner
Itzacon IX - A world forgotten by time (2013)
💾 Landsknecht Thomas Jakobsen
Viking-Con 35 (2016)
Last Night Under the Stars LepreCon XLII (2023)
💾 Mark 519 Baz Nugent
Gaelcon (2018)
💾 Mark 519 AIpotheosis Baz Nugent
Gaelcon (2019)
Mexican Gulf Baz Nugent
LepreCon XXXV (2014)
💾 Mexican Gulf Dos Baz Nugent
Cian O'Sullivan
LepreCon XXXVIII (2017)
Miami Vice - Siskot ja veljet Kimmo Kuopanportti
Ropecon (2023)
Midway: Run for the Hills. Gaelcon (2016)
No Good Deed Cian O'Sullivan
Graham Turner
Gaelcon (2016)
Operation Olmec Sean Geraghty
LepreCon XXXI (2010)
Operation Ramrod Cian O'Sullivan
Vaticon XV (2009)
💾 Portræt af en hævner Thomas Jakobsen
Viking-Con 37 (2018)
Raiders of the Lost Ship (RPH) Dragonmeet (2022)
Savage Rifts - The Vault Hunters OrCCon (2021)
Savage Tales of the Magnificent Seven UK GamesExpo (2023)
Savage Worlds (GaelCon 2007) Gaelcon (2007)
Saving Selena Magnus Nygaard
Viking-Con 29 (2010)
Secret Agents of C.R.O.S.S GuardianCON XVII (2019)
Silent Tide OrCCon (2022)
Continuum (2022)
Startling Developments Graham Turner
Gaelcon (2008)
💾 Strontium Dog: Love in the middle of a Firefight Baz Nugent
Itzacon XIII (2017)
Tales Of The Uncanny Rum Continuum (2022)
Tales of Toholon Shane Carr
Itzacon XIV (2018)
Tales of Toholon: Lost And Found In Kaiju Park LepreCon XLII (2023)
Tales of Toholon: Virtue of the Vicious Shane Carr
Gaelcon (2015)
💾 The Big Ben Theory Tore Bjertnes Pedersen
ARCON 38: Multivertshuset (2022)
The City Watch needs You! Hannah Bechara
Gaelcon (2016)
The Deadliest Prey Graham Turner
LepreCon XXXI (2010)
The Hive is Alive Dragonmeet (2022)
The Last Battlestar Graham Turner
Gaelcon (2012)
💾 The Quare Long Hand Baz Nugent
ConFESS (2007)
The Wages of Sin Cian O'Sullivan
Graham Turner
LepreCon XXXVI (2015)
💾 Tombstone Ekspressen Thomas Jakobsen
Viking-Con 36 (2017)
💾 Tropic Kill Baz Nugent
Gaelcon (2013)
💾 Tropic Kill 2: Wet Work Season Baz Nugent
Gaelcon (2014)
💾 Tropic Kill 3: Zulu Hour Baz Nugent
Gaelcon (2015)
💾 Tropic Kill 4: Hollow Point Quarter Baz Nugent
Gaelcon (2016)
💾 Tropic Kill 5: Dog Day Afterburn Baz Nugent
Gaelcon (2017)
Trubbel på Tru'uda GothCon XLVII (2024)
WANTED! Cthulhu Graham Turner
LepreCon XXXVII (2016)
War of the Dead GothCon XXXVII (2013)
Wizards of the Toast UK GamesExpo (2023)


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