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The Hampstead Group

System: Vaesen
Deltakere: 1 GM, 5 players


✏️Chris O’Regan (RP Haven)


At the height of The Industrial Revolution sees the expansion of cities across England and none more so than its capital, London. Hampstead was once a small town that sat North West of the capital and it is during its absorption into what is now known as Greater London that this story is set. For while the wheels of industry turn and the treaties of The Enlightenment thread their way through society, the mysterious fae still have their part to play. Specifically in the pile known as Newford House, where some unusual goings on had been reported to The Hampstead Group, a collection of investigators seeking answers to uncomfortable questions. Players will take on the role of one of these inquisitive folk and the story will unfold before them as they discover what horrors lie within seemingly innocuous mansion.

Vaesen is a horror/mystery RPG with adult themes. This particular adventure includes references to alcohol and drug use.

Spilt på

Dragonmeet (2022)

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