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💾 Fifteen Men Anders Troelsen
Niels Jensen
Simon Steen Hansen
Fastaval (2011)
💾 Gillians skat Lars Hess
Thomas Jakobsen
Orkon - A Disco Odyssey (2001)
💾 Krydsild Johanne Schilling
Louise Floor Frellsen
Fastaval (2006)
Piraters problemer Simon Andersen Vintersol (2007)
Pirates of Zabor II - Det sunkne tempel Jens Thorup Rasmussen Fastaval (2016)
Piratlive II - Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition Claus Raasted
Piratlive: Spaniolernes hævn Claus Raasted
Rom og dukater Rollespilsforeningen Guldborgsund
Rom og dukater 2 - Alt ender godt! Zythos
Rom og dukater 3 - Vi overgiver os aldrig! Zythos & Rollespilsfabrikken
Rom og dukater 4 Zythos, Rollespilsfabrikken & HjerteHospitalet
💾 The Temple of the Tides Troels Ken Pedersen Fastaval - Otto in Space (2020)
💾 The Temple of the Tides Troels Ken Pedersen Viking-Con 39 (2020)
💾 The Temple of the Tides Troels Ken Pedersen cOnline 2021 (2021)

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