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Mutant Chronicles

Science fiction-spel.


Age of Reason Mattias Duvdal
SillyCon II (1993)
Back to Eden GothCon XLIV (2020)
💾 Do androids dream of electric cats? Fredrik Karlandus
Daniel Landgren
GothCon XXVII (2003)
💾 Dynasty Peter Boldizs
Johan Lindholm
Staffan Lindsgård
GothCon XXXVII (2013)
End of the Begining LinCon (2018)
💾 Luna City Noir Peter Boldizs
Johan Lindholm
Staffan Lindsgård
GothCon XXXVI (2012)
Mutant Chronicles (LinCon 2020) LinCon (2020)
Mutant Chronicles (WSK 2013) Wexio Spelkonvent (2013)
Mutant Chronicles 3ed (LinCon 2021) LinCon (2021)
Mutant R.Y.M.D (Spelkongress 1992) Spelkongress 92 - Birthday Bash (1992)
Mutants R Us LinCon (2019)
Ondskans lakejer SydCon '94 (1994)
PROJEKT: Sun Storm D.E.G. (1992)
💾 Saladins gåta Emil Björnson
Johan Lejonklev
Jens Olsson
GothCon XXVII (2003)
Utan Fruktan Mats Johansson
ApKon V - Apprehensicon (2008)

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