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LinCon (2021)

Location: Katedralskolan, Linköping, Sweden
Date: 3. - 7. November 2021

Part of: LinCon

About the convention:

Årets tema: Tid och rum


Alice is Missing Peter Haraldsson
Spenser Starke
Alice is Missing
💾 Bröllopsgåvan Mats Carlsson
Hugo Gnadeberg
Drakar och Demoner (Projekt Altoria)
💾 Dungeon Delvers Niclas Ohlsson Centuria
Indierummet Simon Pettersson
💾 Maffia Andrea Borgström Freeform (konversationsspel)
Mutant Chronicles 3ed (LinCon 2021) Tony Karlström Mutant Chronicles 3rd
Two Rooms and a Boom Peter Haraldsson Two Rooms and a Boom
USCM (LinCon 2021) Oskar Grindemyr USCM
💾 Vita vidder Andreas Granath Call of Cthulhu Sverige

Board games:

Grimoire part 1 Joel Carlsson
Tommy Runesson
Mythos and More, The Laughing Magician Niklas Sundelius
Sails of Glory Jonas Petersson


Projektassistent/Lokalansvarig Carl Dickfelt
Projektledare Swen Österkvist

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