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LepreCon XLII (2023)

LepreCon XLII

Location: Goldsmith Hall, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland 🗺️
Date: 31. March - 2. April 2023

Part of: LepreCon

About the convention:

Leprecon Games Convention is the oldest of its kind in Ireland. Held every year in Trinity College, Dublin, it plays host to numerous role-playing games, wargames, and card games.


A Clean Slate LARP Homebrew
A Shrieking Violet Brendan Murphy Call of Cthulhu 7th edition
Bleakhaven William Preston D&D 5th Edition
Blood on the Clocktower K. Fletcher Blood on the Clocktower
Bog Down in the Valley-O Jack Carey Chronicles of Darkness
Choir of the Lonely Universe Armour Astir: Advent
Dreams and Demons Rowan Turner D&D 5th Edition
Escape from the Red Star Jamie Bowden RWBY Fan System
Frenemies of the Night Feargal Keenan Vampire: The Masquerade Modified V5
Hearth Without a Home Dylan Breheny Ryuutama
Hostile Work Environment Sean Leaney Lancer RPG
Incarnate Gavin Walsh LARP Werewolf the Apocalypse
Last Night Under the Stars Cael O’Toole Savage Worlds
Last Stand of the Fianna Jack Carey Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th edition
Salvage Recovery Mission: The Alexia Brendan Murphy Mothership
Scream Into The Void Feargal Keenan LARP FATE LARP
Sepulcher of the Swamp Witch Edward Mc Elroy MÖRK BORG
Tales of Toholon: Lost And Found In Kaiju Park Shane Carr Savage Worlds
💾 Teenage Mutant Binge At Thurles Baz Nugent Things From The Flood
The Eye of the Champion Eóin Ó Dornáin LARP Five Oaths Combat
The Mad King of the Forest Rowan Turner D&D 5th Edition



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