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Grenselandet (2022)


Location: Hausmania, Hausmanns gate 34, Norway 🗺️
Date: 9. - 10. December 2022

Part of: Grenselandet

About the convention:

Oslo's annual chamber-LARP festival Grenselandet is back for another unforgettable weekend of making friends and playing LARPs. In line with this year's theme - Old & New - the program will feature well-loved LARPs from the past decades as well as exciting new designs by designers you may not have heard of.
The festival is also back to its original size, and aims to host no fewer than 21 LARPS across 7 different venues in Oslo. The central hangout location is Hausmania (Hausmanns gate 34) where you can always drop in to chill or catch up with friends.

Tickets are available here: https://tikkio.com/tickets/31424-grenselandet
Regular tickets are 500 NOK but subsidized tickets are also available.
All are welcome.


A Ceremony for Hope Thibault Schiemann
Nina Lund Westerdahl
Blackbox LARP
Ancient Hours Nadja Lipsyc
Josephine Rydberg
Bring Your Own Bottle Alisa Matavilava
Yauheniya Siadova
Nastassia Sinitsyna
Blackbox LARP
Controlled Remote Viewing Erlend Sand Bruer
Mark Durkan
Blackbox LARP
💾 Dirty Laundry Mo Holkar
Holger Pick
💾 Encore Ras Bolding
Jeppe Bergmann Hamming
Maria Bergmann Hamming
End(less) Story Nina Runa Essendrop Blackbox LARP
💾 Equinox Retreat Sandy Bailly LARP
Forecasters Maïna Joner LARP
Let’s Dance Marcel Oerlemans
Ylva Otting
Phone Home Kalle Grey LARP
Rum, Sodomy and the Noose Laurie Innes LARP
Seaside Prison Kaisa Kangas
Martin Nielsen
Mohamad Rabah
Taylor Charles Bo Nielsen Blackbox LARP
The Becoming Miles Lizak LARP
The Things We Left Behind Eliot Moleba LARP
The Unquiet Veil Áron Birtalan LARP
💾 Transmigration of Souls Alex Brown LARP
What Might Have Been Patrik Bálint
David Owen
Karolina Soltys


Head of finance Karete Jacobsen Meland
Head of info Laura op de Beke
Head of programme Nadja Lipsyc
Head of social programme Åslaug Ullerud
Head organizer Martin Nielsen
Station manager Katrin Førde
Station manager Linn Carin Andreassen
Station manager Thomas Tollefsen


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