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Dirty Laundry

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 4-7 players


✏️Mo Holkar
✏️Holger Pick

Tallinn International Larp Festival (2020), Dance School Koit, Tallinn, Estonia

OrganizerMo Holkar

Grenselandet (2022), Hausmania, Hausmanns gate 34, Norway

OrganizerMo Holkar


PDF Scenario [English] (0.9 MB)


In Dirty Laundry, the characters are aged-40-something people in the real modern world. In their youth, they were in a (fairly) successful rock band together. There were musical and other disagreements, and they split up, acrimoniously. Now one of their old songs has become a hit, thanks to being used in an advertisement. Someone has suggested doing a reunion tour, which will make enough money for all of them to retire comfortably. They have gathered together again to rehearse the old songs, and maybe write a couple of new ones, and also to settle (maybe…) their disagreements.

(Musical ability is not required for this larp. All musical activity will be using metatechniques.)

Played at

Tallinn International Larp Festival (2020)
Grenselandet (2022)

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