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Controlled Remote Viewing

RPG system: Blackbox Larp
Participants: 8-12 players


✏️Erlend Sand Bruer
✏️Mark Durkan


Before, I felt like I was only seeing part of the picture. Then I experienced something that should be impossible… and I just knew. Today I received a message from an unknown sender. They tell me I've been chosen for a secret psychic program. They know too and they can teach me.

This larp is a re-creation of elements from real psychic espionage programmes developed during the Cold War. It is structured as a training course to develop psychic skills. We are looking for players who are interested in paranormal experiences and players who want to learn controlled remote viewing, the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target, using extrasensory perception or "sensing" with the mind.

Played at

Blackbox Cph IX (2020)

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