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Equinox Retreat

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 6-12 players


✏️Sandy Bailly
👍Di Ostrat

The Smoke (2022), Theatre Delicatessen, London, United Kingdom

OrganizerSandy Bailly

Knutpunkt (2022), Linköping Concert and Congress Hall, Linköping, Sweden

OrganizerSandy Bailly

Grenselandet (2022), Hausmania, Hausmanns gate 34, Norway

OrganizerSandy Bailly


In an alternative present-day world, where the average life expectancy is about 90-100 years old, the turning point of your life is exactly in the middle of it.

At the equinox of your life, or your mid-life (of your natural lifespan), a symbiotic creature appears. It is a part of you just as well as your internal organs, and is an external representation of your emotions and relations. As the appearance of this symbiot is a given in this world, it has also been instated that retreats are organised for people to familiarise themselves with their symbiot once it appears.

You find yourself in such a retreat, along with a group of people that have been indicated as touching points in your life, as people you share some sort of connection with. All of you are here to learn how to behave with your symbiot so you can face the second half of your life.

Content Warnings: Themes that are unavoidable: Mid-life, knowing your exact natural age of death, change, family/friendship conflicts.

You will be creating your own characters so you will be able to avoid other possible triggers in your own background, however, these may still be present in other characters and be talked about in-game.

Played at

The Smoke (2022)
Knutpunkt (2022)
Grenselandet (2022)

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