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Absent Without Official Leave Aonghus Collins
Gaelcon (2010)
Arms Race Aonghus Collins
Gaelcon (2011)
At jage en skygge Thomas Kruse
DrageCon 5 (2007)
Atomic winter Morten Hansen (I)
Chop Con (2002)
Auto-Gyros, Trains and Steamwagons Aonghus Collins
Gaelcon (2009)
Blood on the Tracks Eoin Burke
Gaelcon (2008)
Cirkus kommer til Byen Nils Dam-Madsen
Mystifisticon II (1998)
Deadlands (Container 2003) Container 9 (2003)
Deadlands (LepreCon 1999) LepreCon XX (1999)
Deadlands (VatiCon 1999) Oli Bird
VatiCon VI (1999)
Det Store Bankrøveri Andreas Kallesøe
Con Dôme (2000)
Det store bankrøveri 2 - Jagten Andreas Kallesøe
Con Dôme (2002)
💾 Død mands sølv Thomas Jakobsen
Viking-Con 21 (2002)
💾 Døde børn skriger ikke Thomas Jakobsen
Viking-Con 22 (2003)
Fenton town Linus Markevärn
SävCon (1999)
For a few Dollars Dennis Larsen
Calling All Heroes 9th Edition (1999)
Iron Horses and Covered Wagons Mik Reed
Amazing Consequences (2007)
Karavanen Thomas Lønvig
ARL MiniCon (2003)
Last Voyage of the River Queen Continuum (2022)
Of Ice and Men Eoin Burke
Gaelcon (2007)
Opgøret Robert O. Jensen
Chop Con (1998)
Pale Rider Eoin Burke
Gaelcon (2006)
💾 Pigen uden navn Thomas Jakobsen
Viking-Con 26 (2007)
Serve Cold Shane O'hUid
Gaelcon (2002)
Spaghetti with Blood Claus Larsen
DrageCon 16 (2012)
DrageCon 17 (2013)
DrageCon 18 (2013)
The 3.20 to tombstone Gaelcon (2021)
The Fastest Gun in California Aonghus Collins
VatiCon XVI (2010)
The Flight of the Coyote Mik Reed
Bizarre Consequences (2008)
💾 The Tribe Goes To War JP Chapleau
VatiCon VII (2000)
Things to do in Denver when you're undead Brandon Thorn
LinCon (1998)
Trouble at Wagons Rest Mark Steedman
Bizarre Consequences (2008)
Turn Left at Albuquerque Niels E. Wisth
ARCON 34: Weird West (2018)
Under overfladen Nils Dam-Madsen
Maskespil (1999)
Weird West Ropecon (2018)
💾 Winter is Coming! Ingve Borgen
Torgrim Husvik
ARCON 29: Game of Thrones (2013)
ARCON 38: Multivertshuset (2022)

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