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Det store bankrøveri 2 - Jagten

RPG system: Deadlands


✏️Andreas Kallesøe


To Texas Ranger Tod Mc. Banister

From Army High Command

gold shipment to pay army stolen STOP must recover shipment STOP leave immediately to Back Water Gulch for briefing STOP all other considerations not important STOP

* Damn, and I almost had that damn cattle rushing bastard murderer *

Thought Tod “Now I have to give it up and get my posse together AGAIN to save some damn army bacon from getting burned. Well that goes with the turf, wonder who stole that gold?”

At the same time in Back Water Gulch:

Damn, I thought I bought it there with that dynamite going off and everything else. Damn, I hurt, where are the others? WHAT THEY LEFT ME! AND THEY TOOK EVERYTHING! I AM GOING TO KILL THOSE TWO-TIMING BASTARDS!

Played at

Con Dôme (2002)

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