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Verdens ende

Front page for Verdens ende

(AKA: World's End, End of the World)

Participants: 1 GM, 3 players


✏️Nina Runa Essendrop
📰Niels Jensen


PDF Scenariet (1,1 MB)
PDF Spillederkompendie (0,5 MB)
PDF Den Gamle Mand (0,6 MB)
PDF Kvinden Med Barnet (0,4 MB)
PDF Drengen (0,3 MB)


Poetic – Character Development – Symbolic

Three people awake and know, that the world is soon going to end. Nothing to do about it. They say farewell to all that they have known and begin a journey. The journey ends at the mountain. And the world comes to an end.

I am the boy who lost his father.

He sat by the phone, waiting for his dad to call him. He was afraid that his dad didn’t love him any more. He thought about calling him instead. He did nothing. So nothing happened.

Life goes on…

I am the abandoned woman with the child.

She felt like yelling at him. But she just turned around and walked away. All of a sudden she was alone, and didn’t know what to do about the child. Isolated from the world.

Life goes on…

I am the old man who nobody listens to any more.

He cried for her. He yelled when he stood alone by the coffin. He was silent when he was brought to the nursery home. He had no more strength.

Life goes on…

Until they awake and know. In less than two days, the world will end.

A slow, dreaming and symbolic story about three people who all try to find themselves in a world that is inevitably coming to an end.

I en verden, der snart går under, begiver en dreng, en kvinde og en gammel mand sig på en sidste surrealistisk rejse væk fra alt de kender og med en sidste mulighed for at finde sig selv inden alting slutter.

Played at

Fastaval (2012)
Stockholm Scenario Festival (2013)
Knudepunkt (2015)
A Love Piece (2017)


Fastaval (2012)

Winner, Bedste Virkemidler [+]
Nominated, Bedste Scenarie [+]
Nominated, Bedste Roller [+]


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