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Jenny Holf


Designer Sidney's Quest GothCon XLV (2022)
Designer Mole Racing Fastaval - Otto & jagten på den gyldne pingvin (2024)


Fastaval - Otto & jagten på den gyldne pingvin (2024)

Mole Racing: Winner, Deltagernes Pris, Brætspil (Førstepladsen)
Mole Racing: Nominated, Bedst Formidlede Brætspil
Mole Racing is nominated due to the way it successfully conveys the rules on a single page- a feat as hard as driving a racing car with a blindfold.
Conveying rules in such a way is a challenge, but Mole Racing delivers and guides you easily and faithfully into your racing car, as if they were guiding a blind mole.
The game is accessible to every type of player, and even through its veneer of childlike simplicity, everyone will be able to find their own fun in a game of Mole Racing- be it trying to build a wall of stopped cars in front of a leading player, or being an astute judge of every crash and bump the other players endure.
The presentation is astute, on point, and leads you directly into crashes and laughter alike.
Mole Racing: Nominated, Bedste brætspil
Mole Racing is a game that delivers much more than it promises. A game that with its simple, yet challenging charm is a game that is entertaining for both winners and losers. In a daring mix of blindfolds, car crashes and gasoline shortage, this is a game that will make you laugh, and then laugh some more. And when you play it one more time, you will laugh again.
With straightforward rules and easily understandable mechanics, this game promises, and delivers, easy and repeatable fun.

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