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Sidney's Quest

Front page for Sidney's Quest

Organized by

Five O'Clock Games


DesignerTomas Falemo
DesignerJenny Holf
🎨Agnes Forsell


Sidneys' Quest är ett sött worker placement spel fyllt av svåra val

Advising the young, being doted on by the adults and revered by the old, if only one could be a village elder!

Village elder Sidney has announced their retirement and although you are young you're vying for that cushy position. Sidney has decided that the one who can gain the most new experiences will become the new village elder. All the candidates have been given some suggestions on what to try. However, knowing your friends they will not stop there so you better push yourself further to secure your spot as the new elder.

Each round you focus on a combination of actions to gather new experiences while keeping your finances under control. You get points for every goal you complete and lose points for the ones you don’t succeed with. The player with the most victory points becomes the new village elder.

Played at

GothCon XLV (2022)
Borås Spelkonvent 39 (2022)

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