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Jörgen Bengtsson


✏️ Comanche HelCon -90 (1990)
Organizer Aliens GothCon XXV (2001)
Organizer Dawn of the Dead GothCon XXVII (2003)
Organizer The salvage KryptCon I (2019)
Organizer Village of the damned KryptCon II (2019)
Organizer OSR-stugan Borås Spelkonvent 37 (2019)
Organizer The Nine Dragon Rivers KryptCon III (2020)
Organizer With my six-shooter up Rattlers creek KryptCon III (2020)
Organizer Concordia KryptCon IV (2020)
✏️ Roads to Nowhere
Organizer Roads to Nowhere
Organizer The Tower Hollow Borås Spelkonvent 38 (2021)
Organizer Land of Ronin KryptCon V (2021)
Organizer Full M.o.o.n StarCon (2022)
Organizer Better Dead than Dredd KryptCon VI (2022)

Organizer roles

KryptCon I (2019)
KryptCon II (2019)
KryptCon III (2020)
KryptCon V (2021)
KryptCon VI (2022)
KryptCon VII (2022)

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