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ARCON 16: Twilight 2000 (2000)

Location: Universitetet i Oslo, Norway
Date: 23. - 25. June 2000

Part of: ARCON


AD&D Duell (ARCON 16) Are Riksaasen AD&D Duell
AD&D NM (ARCON 16) Ask Eirik Storsve AD&D NM
Ars Magica (ARCON 16) Haakon Olav Thunestvedt Ars Magica
Call of Cthulhu (ARCON 16) Yngve S. Kristiansen Call of Cthulhu
Dungeons & Dragons (ARCON 16) Erik Nygaard D&D
Fabula (ARCON 16) Tomas H.V. Mørkrid Fabula
Fantasy Gothic (ARCON 16) Riber Martin Fantasy Gothic
GURPS: Discworld (ARCON 16) Katrine Myra GURPS Discworld
Nuron (ARCON 16) Magnus Jakobsson Nuron
Paranoia (ARCON 16) Jo-Herman Haugholt Paranoia
Spilledermesterskapet (ARCON 16) Kim Strandebø Spilledermesterskapet
Star Wars (ARCON 16) Kim Strandebø Star Wars
Terrorist (ARCON 16) Herman Ellingsen Terrorist
Twilight 2000 (ARCON 16) Ian Burman Twilight: 2000
Vampire Dark Ages (ARCON 16) Torgrim Husvik Vampire: The Dark Ages
Vampire: The Masquerade (ARCON 16) Håvard Haagensrud Vampire: The Masquerade
Warhammer Fantasy RPG (ARCON 16) Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
Werewolf (ARCON 16) Christopher Enger Werewolf: The Apocalypse
World of Darkness - Hunters (ARCON 16) Sverre B. Midthjell World of Darkness Hunters


Admin Johannes H. Berg
Admin Sten Hugo Hiller
Drift Espen Sortland
Drift Nils Petter Wien
PR Herman Ellingsen
Program Sindre Cools Berg
Program Svein Mathisen
Økonomi Thomas Refsdal
Økonomi Trond Jansen


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