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World of Darkness

En spelvärld i vilken en serie rollspel utspelas.

Changeling, Wraith, Vampire, Werewolf: The Apocalypse och Mage.


38th Parallel Desmond FitzGerald
Gaelcon (2014)
💾 A Christmas Explosion Ulas Sen
Klosscon I (2013)
Acquainted with the Night James Lloyd Jones
Itzacon X - Lost in time (2014)
💾 Ancestor Of All Honour Baz Nugent
Warpcon XVIII (2008)
Beneath the Ice Gaelcon (2011)
Byens... Asbjørn Odsten Boel Christensen
Fastaval 007 (2007)
CashN2Gold Pawnbroking, Occoultisim, Drudgery Jim Lee
Fergal Mac Carthaigh
Itzacon XIV (2018)
💾 Death of a salesman Lars Johansson
GothCon XXII (1998)
Diabolus Ex Machina James Lloyd Jones
Gaelcon (2015)
💾 Don't Fear The Reaper Ciarán O'Brien
Warpcon XXI (2011)
Dragonheads Hanna Bechar
Warpcon XXII (2012)
Fearsome Engines James Lloyd Jones
Gortbusters Baz Nugent
Itzacon IV (2008)
GUBU: Cowboys Vs Indians Baz Nugent
Gaelcon (2011)
💾 In the Shadow of the Wicked City Ray O'Mahony
Warpcon XX (2010)
Into Their Own Jhez Salin
Viking-Con 24 (2005)
Vintersol (2006)
Con Dôme (2006)
Viking-Con 25 (2006)
💾 Jag drömde om blod i natt... Maria Lindvall
Borås Spelkonvent 16 (1998)
CalCon VII - Apocalconens fyra kycklingar (2000)
Last Man Standing Hugo Boylan
Gaelcon (2009)
Makrillar o lejon - eller Vem tog Lasses boll? WettCon (1999)
Morningstars Oisin Reilly
Gaelcon (2012)
Nightshift James Lloyd Jones
Gaelcon (2014)
Not Quite Mortal's Fate Siobhan McKenna
ConFESS (2007)
Number 54 Eóin Ó Dornáin
Gaelcon (2007)
On The Flipside Ceire O’Donoghue
Gaelcon (2014)
Oprør Line Mikkelsen
💾 Pavor Nocturnus Benny Lagerström
SydCon VI (1997)
Pith Helmets and Reading Monocles Jim Lee
Itzacon VII (2011)
💾 Pojke försvunnen André Nordin
David Nordin
SävCon XI (2011)
Powder Blue James Lloyd Jones
Gaelcon (2015)
Project Twilight LinCon (1996)
💾 Reboot Mark Cunningham
WarpCon XIII (2003)
Risks and Reputations Luke Martin
Warpcon XXII (2012)
Robins fødselsdag Lyng Con, forår (2019)
Räven rasker över isen Sven Münther
Viking-Con 28 (2009)
Sidste nat i storbyen Kim Mikkelsen
Fastaval (2006)
Special Affairs Division Conor McCartney
Adam Sullivan
LepreCon XXII (2001)
💾 Strike Force Zero Ray O'Mahony
Warpcon XVII (2007)
Switch and Bait Padraig Murphy
Itzacon IX - A world forgotten by time (2013)
Talbots familiehjem Simon Pedersen
LyngCon, efterår (2019)
The Case of Hollow Meadows Dennis Mejsedal
FE Con (2018)
💾 The Depths of Hatred Ciarán O'Brien
Itzacon XII - ...on the road to hell... (2016)
The Journal Seamus Butler
Gaelcon (2014)
The Old Witcher: Ballad Of The Wild Wolf Baz Nugent
Gaelcon (2023)
💾 The Pentex-Cola factory CalCon III - Ab Ovo (1996)
The Strange Death of Cornelia Frump Dave Hayes (I)
Itzacon VII (2011)
The Stuff that Dreams are made of Meg Swanton
Itzacon VI (2010)
Time Off For Bad Behaviour Gaelcon (2015)
💾 Topp Geare Baz Nugent
Hobocon 3 (2014)
LepreCon XXXV (2014)
💾 Trädets Ruttna Frukt Robert Holmberg
MittKon - Anno Domini Tjugohundraett (2001)
💾 Untitled Project At Imperial Baz Nugent
Gaelcon (2017)
Welcome to Misty Pines Ropecon (2023)
What is fear? Mads Lund Jensen
B-Con (1998)
When Angels Fall... Bent Hammerum Holm
Hans B. Petterson
TRoA's Interne Jule-Hygge-Con (1996)
B-Con (1998)
💾 Where Devils Fear To Tread Ray O'Mahony
Warpcon XIX (2009)
Whitemore Morten Nørgaard
TRoA Con - Trolddom og Hekseri (2005)
World of Darkness - Hunters (ARCON 16) Sverre B. Midthjell
ARCON 16: Twilight 2000 (2000)
World of Darkness (FE-con 2022) Dennis Mejsedal
FE Con (2022)
World of Darkness (LinCon 2011) LinCon (2011)
Öga för öga, tand för tand LinCon (2000)

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