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Tallinn International Larp Festival (2018)

Location: Estonian Dance Agency, Tallinn, Estonia 🗺️
Date: 27. - 30. April 2018

Part of: Tallinn International Larp Festival

About the convention:

Tallinn Larp Festival invites you to participate in short roleplaying scenarios to experience new lives, stories, thoughts and emotions. Inspired by festivals such as Grenselandet and Stockholm Scenario Festival, they aim to offer a diverse set of scenarios with both game designers and volunteer participants as facilitators. The goal is to have four timeslots from Friday to Sunday with 4-5 games to choose from in each.


A Thousand Faces Gints Halcejs LARP
And Angels Will Come Looking For Us Maarja Lutsar LARP
Asking for It Mo Holkar
Laura Wood
LARP even number
Awkward Raffale Manzo LARP
Creator's Fair Francesco Rugerfred Sedda Blackbox LARP
Designers & Dragons Ülo Leppik LARP
💾 Gone Hila Grgory Meinrat
Erez Zvulun
Blackbox LARP
Hell is Other People Hila Grgory Meinrat LARP
Life of an Egg Andrius Ūdra Blackbox LARP
Missing in Action Erez Zvulun LARP
Recorded Endel Maas LARP
Shots in the Dark Gints Halcejs LARP
Something About Us Barbara Fini
Raffale Manzo
Thank God It’s Friday Safija Jemialjanava
Yuliya Safronava
The Last Sunset Francesco Rugerfred Sedda LARP
We Almost Were Heroes Jasmin Lade
Di Ostrat
💾 Winson Green Prison Rosalind Göthberg
Di Ostrat
Siri Sandquist
Blackbox LARP


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