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"Tanken?!" Con (1996)

"Tanken?!" Con

Location: Østre Skole, Ikast, Denmark
Date: 1. - 3. March 1996

Part of: Tanken?! Con

About the convention:

Indgang: 50 kr.


A 279-1 Morten Nørsøller Via Prudensiae
Bad Breath Thomas Storgaard Winther Via Prudensiae
Forræderiet Bonny Nielsen Cyberpunk 2020
Gudens øje Brian Nielsen AD&D
I Ivans baghave Bent Pedersen Systemløst
I ly af mørket Thue Eriksen Star Wars
I skyggens kulde Thomas Riise Visgård Knudsen Call of Cthulhu
Iskold sommer Christian Nørgaard Werewolf: The Apocalypse
Land of Antoria Jakob Hansen D&D Basic
Lord of Death - Horror in New York Martin Svendsen Call of Cthulhu Now
Operation Mr. Redding Claus Kragh Jensen Shadowrun 2nd ed.
Tusmørkets Smådjævle V Henrik Bisgaard
Claus Bloch
Lars "Georg" Evald Jensen
Call of Cthulhu


Arrangør Thomas Riise Visgård Knudsen

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Centralen Page 38 Fønix nr. 12 (Marts/April 1996) Fønix

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