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"Tanken?!" Asylum (1997)

"Tanken?!" Asylum

(AKA: "Tanken?!" 2)

Location: Nørrelandsskolen, Holstebro, Denmark 🗺️
Date: 25. - 27. April 1997

Part of: Tanken?! Con

About the convention:

Entré: 50 kroner.


PDF Programme [Danish] (0.6 MB)


A 279-1 Morten Nørsøller Via Prudensiae
💾 Arken Alex Uth Systemløst
De fire forbehold Claus Kragh Jensen Vampire: The Masquerade 2nd ed.
Deep Thomas Storgaard Winther Via Prudensiae
En duft af kaprifol Alex Uth Call of Cthulhu
Gensfleischs Forbandelse Adam Bindslev Basic Roleplaying
💾 Hospitalet! Thomas Riise Visgård Knudsen
Morten Nørsøller
Thomas Storgaard Winther
Via Prudensiae
Jægere i Natten Bjarne Sinkjær Call of Cthulhu
Meshugal Alex Uth Basic Roleplaying Dark Fantasy
Nattens blodige tårer Rikke Rasmussen Systemløst
Når sandheden skal frem Thomas Riise Visgård Knudsen Call of Cthulhu
Pestens Ofre Michael Geneser
Rune Ranthe
Basic Roleplaying
The Beast within Denis Linde Call of Cthulhu
Verdenen Under Rasmus Aggerholm
Chatharina S. Fisker
LARP Mind's Eye Theatre


Ansvarlig Denis Linde
Ansvarlig Morten Nørsøller
Ansvarlig Thomas Riise Visgård Knudsen
Ansvarlig Thomas Storgaard Winther

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