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Viking-Con 8 (1989)

Viking-Con 8

Location: Tårnby Gymnasium, Denmark
Date: 13. - 15. October 1989

Part of: Viking-Con

About the convention:

Entré: 25 kr. pr. dag, 50 kr. for alle dage

Helcon-scenarie: EnGarde!


PDF Folder [Danish] (9.3 MB)


AD&D Duel (VC8) Bjarne Hansen AD&D
AD&D Turnering (VC8) Kim Chr. Madsen
Erik Wittchen
AD&D 1. edition
Call of Cthulhu (VC8) Call of Cthulhu
D&D (VC8) Tue Andersen Nexø D&D Basic
Dynamisk Rollespil Andreas Pihl GURPS
Hold AD&D (VC8) Flemming R. P. Rasch AD&D
Hvem indrammer Bror Kanin? Erik Wittchen Toon
Lots of Space II Per Dalby
Tommy Jensen
GURPS Science Fiction
MegaTraveller intro (VC8) MegaTraveller
Mere morskab end du kan holde ud... Paranoia
Thrakiz' hævn Henrik Bisgaard
Lars "Georg" Evald Jensen
Call of Cthulhu
Totalt blank Sven Münther MegaTraveller


Arrangør Hans Rancke-Madsen
Arrangør Erik Swiatek
Arrangør Børge Zinck-Madsen
Arrangør Martin Bernth Johannesson

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