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Gaelcon (2021)

(alias: Gaelcon 33: ‘Through the Matrix’)

Sted: Online, Irland
Dato: 22. - 25. oktober 2021

Del av: Gaelcon


A wedding at the Brandon Estate Comedic Adventure using the Mistborn System
Alice is Missing Spenser Starke Alice is Missing
Betrayal on the High Seas: Not this Ship again! D&D 5th Edition Fantasy-Comedy
Blood and Iron: To Claim A Sacrifice Dudley Martin Victoriana modified 1st Edition
Caerdroia (scenes from A Poison Tree) Trail of Cthulhu
Camp Monster-Sorri D&D 5th Edition
Curse of the Mad Monk! Bottled Lightning OSR fantasy RPG
Fallen Worlds Fallen Worlds System
Fey Earth Steampunk Unique D20 System
Ghosts in the siege Taryn Donnelly Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition
Kaiju Babies 2 – The Magic Schoolsaucer Shane Carr FATE
Kill Contract 2089 Blades in the Dark Cyberpunk adventure in Cbr+Pnk
Mysterious Ways Graham Turner Night’s Black Agents
No Job Too Small Sean Donnelly D&D 5th Edition
Pyramids of gold (Gealcon 2021) Tadeusz Cantwell Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay
SHOWTIME Cyberpunk 2020
Silhouettes: “Hall of the Mountain King” Fantastical Comedy using Silhouettes
Star Trek Irregulars, Interlude 2: Space-Time Breakdown LARP
The 3.20 to tombstone Deadlands
The Assassination of King Fabian the Kind Rowland Cooper Modified White-Wolf system
The Devil’s Bible Jack Carey Vampire: The Dark Ages
The Escape: Part II Rowland Cooper A Light Hearted-Sci Fi Game using a Homebrew System for six baby dinos
this discord has ghosts in it Homebrew Horror game
What, the Spirit of Gaelcon is missing AGAIN?! D&D 5th Edition A Fantasy-ish Parody


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