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Vampire: The Dark Ages


💾 Dimmornas drottning Johan Englund
Sven Jansson
GothCon XXI (1997)
💾 Of Fiends And Warlords Ray O'Mahony
Warpcon XVII (2007)
Spegel, spegel... Jonas Håkansson
MittCon (1998)
💾 Still Waters Ray O'Mahony
Warpcon XVIII (2008)
💾 Sweet art Thou Joacim Forsberg
StocKon IV (1998)
The Creeping Hunger Lorcan Daly
LepreCon XLI (2020)
The Devil’s Bible Gaelcon (2021)
The Times they are a Changin Paddy Delaney
Itzacon VII (2011)
Vampire Dark Ages (ARCON 14) Piet Skjæveland
ARCON 14: Illuminati (1998)
Vampire Dark Ages (ARCON 15) Piet Skjæveland
ARCON 15: Call of Cthulhu (1999)
Vampire Dark Ages (ARCON 16) Torgrim Husvik
ARCON 16: Twilight 2000 (2000)
Vampire: The Dark Ages (CalCon 1998) CalCon V - Jubileum Lustri (1998)
Vampire: The Dark Ages (ChrisCon 1998) Joakim Karlsson
ChrisCon (1998)
💾 Vampire: The Dark Ages (GaelCon 2003) Hilary Sklar
Gaelcon (2003)
Vampire: The Dark Ages (LinCon 2002) LinCon (2002)

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