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(uden titel) Dan Ponce
RusCon 23 (2015)
A Game about Something James Lloyd Jones
Itzacon XI (2015)
💾 A Reign of Terror Magnus Bergqvist
Borås Spelkonvent 32: Beatitudo est amet (2014)
Abraham Lincoln stole my baby James Cronin
Itzacon XIII (2017)
And you will know him… Gerry McEvoy
Gaelcon (2016)
Assassin’s Creed: Reich’s Fall Micheal Calnan
Itzacon X - Lost in time (2014)
Betrayal on the High Seas Lloyd Gyan
LepreCon XXXVIII (2017)
By the Trail Of The Undead Gerry McEvoy
Gaelcon (2016)
Clocktower Girls & the Renovationary War BeAcon V (2019)
Clocktower Girls Vs. High Society Micheal Calnan
Dave Hayes
LepreCon XL (2019)
💾 Copenhagen Streetlights Niels K. Handest
Sune Nødskou
Viking-Con 34 (2015)
💾 Copenhagen Streetlights II Niels K. Handest
Viking-Con 35 (2016)
Dastardly Deeds at Waypoint 7 Alexander Birke
cOnline 2021 (2021)
Viking-Con 40 (2021)
💾 Den forsvundne drage Glen Voss
Viking-Con 36 (2017)
Doom of Damocles OrCCon (2022)
Dungeon Crawlers Michelle Haward
Gaelcon (2015)
Emergency Measures Shane Ronan
Gaelcon (2014)
Fakta tur/retur Anders Toftdahl
ESFROAG (2016)
FATE (Odense Spilfestival 2018) Odense Spilfestival (2018)
💾 Fear the Mutant Robot! Thomas Varga
LinCon (2011)
Frostpunk: This Still Cold World Jack Carey
LepreCon XLI (2022)
Gaslight Society Feargal Keenan
Gaelcon (2012)
Grand Theft Otto Anders Toftdahl
ESFROAG (2017)
Guards! Guards! Matthew Watkin
Itzacon XIV (2018)
Have Submarine, Will Travel Ropecon (2017)
Hogwarts vs Zombies Anna Ahern
Gaelcon (2014)
How many Drakes does it take to sucker punch the Universe? Gaelcon (2011)
Kaiju Babies 2 – The Magic Schoolsaucer Gaelcon (2021)
Mighty Morphin’ Mythos Rangers Micheal Calnan
Gaelcon (2015)
Night Vale Homages James Lloyd Jones
Nine Circles Inc. Laoise Kelly
Itzacon XV (2019)
Nine Circles Inc. Laoise Kelly
Itzacon XVI (2020)
One life to Kill Micheal Calnan
Gaelcon (2012)
Other Stories, Other Cases Fergal Mac Carthaigh
Itzacon XII - ...on the road to hell... (2016)
Peace Talks Gerry McEvoy
Itzacon XIII (2017)
Resan ingen ville göra ÄlvCon (2017)
Ruins of Olympus Fergal Mac Carthaigh
Gaelcon (2014)
Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel Dillon Rooney
Gaelcon (2016)
Secure, Contain, Protect Aidan Marsh
LepreCon XXXIX (2018)
Ship ahoy! - A trip to get to know the world of Fate Core Ropecon (2018)
Sunken Spectre Dave McCabe
Treasa McCabe
BeAcon V (2019)
Svalbard Dave Maple
Continuum (2022)
The Athena Club Investigates: The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb AireCon 5 (2019)
The Aurors Steve Hatherley
AireCon 7 (2022)
The Beasts of Henley Copse. Conor Kenny
Itzacon XVI (2020)
The Bone Swallower AireCon 8 (2023)
The Clocktower Girls and the Curse of the Crawling Creeper Micheal Calnan
Dave Hayes
LepreCon XXXIX (2018)
The Crasta Demon AireCon 4 (2018)
The Dolls Of The Fathers AireCon 5 (2019)
The Memory Chronicles - Devil’s Due Paul Anthony Shortt
Gaelcon (2012)
The Piggy Bank Heist Charlie O’Neill
LepreCon XXXIX (2018)
The Winterfest Club Gaelcon (2023)
Unwanted Attentions James Lloyd Jones
Gaelcon (2016)
Vikings! UK GamesExpo (2023)
Wintermancer AireCon 4 (2018)
X Wing Squadron FATE: Hoth Exodus UK GamesExpo (2023)

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