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Peaky Midwest


A Retreat to Remember Jaime Frey
Lelah Frey
Philip Kelley
Intercon Q (2017)
A Turn on the Radiance Rose Doug Freedman
Eva Schiffer
Kristen Pierson
Steve Vig
Sue Lee
Intercon M (2013)
An Ensemble Cast Mystery: Death at Bancroft Manor Eva Schiffer
Kathleen De Smet
Tasha Robinson
Intercon T (2020)
Critical Path Amanda Brown
Brandon Brylawski
Doug Freedman
James Silverstein
Jill Krynicki Dutcher
Intercon O (2015)
Grandma’s Resting Place Eva Schiffer
Gaylord Tang
Kathleen De Smet
Katie Giacomini
Quinn D
Intercon S (2019)
LARPers Anonymous David Cave
Drew Novick
Margaret Simkins
Mik Reed
Intercon M (2013)
Peace, Land, and Bread! Eva Schiffer
Jon Marcus
Kathleen De Smet
Lillie Franks
Steve Vig
Intercon R (2018)
Romantic Entanglement E. Chris Garrison
Lillie Franks
Quinn D
Tara Zuber
Intercon T (2020)
Second Annual Mad Science Awards Brandon Brylawski
Hakan Seyalioglu
Jess Pestlin
John Kammer
Laurie Rich
Susan Weiner
Intercon S (2019)
Six Criminals and a Funeral Alan De Smet
Dave Cave
Jaime Frey
Intercon T (2020)

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