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larps will apply theatrical lighting and sound for controlling the play and several of them will be experimenting with other theatrical techniques. This creates a unique form of role play that has come to be known as black box role play.


1984 Jesper Heebøll Arbjørn
Michael Sonne-Jørgensen
Blackbox Cph VI (2016)
A Pint of Bitter Tore Vange Pedersen Black Box Horsens (2017)
Blod, is og tårer David Silset
Jacob Vogelius Nielsen
Blackbox Cph (2012)
Convicted David Silset
Jacob Vogelius Nielsen
Thomas Kyrsting
Creatures Simon James Pettitt Blackbox Cph V (2015)
Gibberish Anne Serup Grove
Oliver Nøglebæk
Blackbox Cph (2012)
In Your Hands Lea Pullerits
Simon James Pettitt
Åsa Nilsson
Grenselandet (2015)
Monet and the Moment Ann Kristine Eriksen
Danny Meyer Wilson
Blackbox Cph VII (2018)
Riget, 2019 Ann Kristine Eriksen Blackbox Cph VIII (2019)
The Quota: Border Crossing Charlie Ashby
Helly Dabill
Martine Svanevik
Rob Williams
Simon Brind
The Smoke (2018)
💾 The Wannsee Conference Andreas Sjöberg
Olle Nyman
Sebastian Utbult
Prolog (2013)
💾 Waiting for Flight GO901 Simon James Pettitt Blackbox Cph IV (2014)
White Death Nina Runa Essendrop
Simon Steen Hansen
Blackbox Cph II (2012)

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